Hey everybody! We could use your help, please.


Hello Future Drawn Fans!

We have just revamped our website in an attempt to further provide you, our viewer, with the best possible content, experience and entertainment.  We also want you to be able to find detailed information about all the topics pertaining to Future Drawn.  We hope you enjoy the improvements!

We have changed quite a bit, and our biggest fear is that we have changed too much, or maybe not enough.  The most obvious thing is the basic color scheme.  Do you like the white on black?  We have also rearranged our basic navigation slightly.  Do you like the new layout? We also tried to put the art and process more upfront.  Did we succeed?

If you wouldn't mind sharing your thoughts on how we can improve our site, we would really appreciate it.  

Thanks so much in advance for your input!  We will make improvements as soon as we can.

The Future Drawn Team,

Jonathan Applegate - Artist & Innovator

Kim M Johnson - Strategist & Client Relations