Finding a better way

What happens when a super talented artist from the Colorado mountains meets up with a marketing exec from Denver who takes her Volkswagon car camping any time she's not traveling for work?

You guessed it! They become best friends and travel the world together, taking planes and trains and her VW any place their passports and National Park memberships will allow. Eventually, in a remote and quiet place, surrounded by stars and that special, creative magic that's born only in places like this, they decided to join forces and find a better way to experience life, inspiring growth, discovery and life-giving connections through the creation of simply remarkable art. Welcome to Future Drawn!

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The simple power of oneLINES


VW Dashboard drawing by Jonathan Applegate Future Drawn.jpg

oneLINE Gallery

Jonathan Applegate brings beauty and perfection to the simple power of oneLINE art. It will undoubtedly change the way you see the world around you. In these drawings, the images are created by a single line that does not cross or intersect, from START to the END, masterfully illuminating the continuous line through many twists and turns to create an unsuspecting illusion of depth, texture and complexity.