In this 15 second time lapse video, Jonathan Applegate draws a oneLINE of Mountain Daisies.  Enjoy watching the line work its way across the page from START to END.

It is remarkable when you consider that a single continuous 2D line has the ability to create the perception of 3D.   The full image is created within the mind of the viewer.

Find the START and follow it to the END. All lines are continuous and will never intersect.

Limited series prints are signed, numbered and watermark is removed.  Final packaging includes black matte for easy framing.  This unique series makes a great gift for someone who appreciates a visual challenge.

Watch for new additions of oneLINE drawings by Jonathan Applegate.  The collection includes city skylines, famous landmarks and scenes from our national parks. 

We can also take your image and create a custom oneLINE drawing of your favorite scene.