In the digital age, it is the hand-made that is unique.
— Jonathan Applegate, Artist & Innovator Future Drawn
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Experience the oneLINE

As you follow the continuous line from START to END, it will never cross or intersect. oneLINE artist Jonathan Applegate meticulously does each original by hand from a path in his mind. His mediums of choice are pen on paper and acrylic on canvas.

Watch for new additions of oneLINE art by Jonathan Applegate on this site, Instagram (@futuredrawn), and in person at the Future Drawn oneLINE Gallery. The collection includes city skylines, famous landmarks and scenes from our national parks.

oneLINE applies to some specific customers

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oneLINE Personal Gifts

Jonathan Applegate can create a oneLINE as a special gift that shows how special the receiver is to you.

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oneLINE Art for the Blind

A real estate closing gift turns into a new way to experience the oneLINE. After learning that one of the new owner’s of de Steeg Brewing was blind was had to create a oneLINE experience for him too.

We can also take your image and create a custom oneLINE drawing of your favorite scene.