We believe that sharing our inspirations, process and accomplishments may inspire our viewers to see the world with a new view.  Our mission is to transform how people see the world through art and the stories that accompany the process of creating the art itself.  Above all we want you to truly enjoy the time you spend with us.  Let us know your thoughts, questions and perspectives.  

oneLINE Cherry Branch by Jonathan Applegate As you follow the line from START to END it will never cross or intersect. The Cherry Blossom Branch was painted without reference.

In this video we show you the process and reveal of a oneLINE drawing which was created for de Steeg Brewing.  One of the owners is blind so we took on the challenge of creating art which can be appreciated by the blind.

Union Station hand painted in oneLINE from START to END in one continuous line that never crosses or intersects.

Spontaneously painted from START to END without reference. The series continues…

This quick time-lapse shows Jonathan drawing a real estate closing gift in oneLINE. He can take a photo of any home and turn it into a center piece for your home.

Vase of Flowers #2 painted in oneLINE by Jonathan Applegate. Completed without reference from the mind of the artist.