I sign each work of art, Jonathan Applegate.  But my friends call me Jonny. I am a Denver artist and I love every bit of it.  The people here...the vibe, land, mountains, and culture; it's an inspiring place to live and share my work.

I grew up in the mountains of Colorado.  As a young boy, I loved to make things.  Bow and arrows and a treehouse were among my first creations.  Exploring vast acres of woodlands and tinkering with makeshift inventions were more than just a past time.  It was my gateway to becoming an artist.

I liked taking things apart just as much.  Studying the anatomy of electronics fascinated me; the precision of mechanics blew me away and I found the exactness beautiful.  The making of things connected me to wonder and surprise.  But, art was not on my radar.  I chose to pursue degrees in engineering and industrial design instead.

For the next several years, I worked as a parking lot attendant to help pay for my tuition.  Ironically, it was these hours spent alone in the small parking lot that gave my art the space it needed to surface and take form.  My sketchbook exploded with content as I now had the time to incubate inspirations. 

I eventually walked away from my nearly complete degree with gratitude for what I had learned.  What I really wanted, I already had.  My sketch pads, pens and hours to devote to just art. 

A lot has happened since then.  I have traveled the world and and my experiences have been inspiring.  I am utterly and humbly devoted to my art.  My art has continued to evolve and so have I.

Today, my concepts and unique style of art - favored in illustration, print, watercolor and mural work - are specially designed to draw you in, entertaining you with diverse perceptions expressed and executed through creativity and precision.  Much of my work reflects years of training in engineering and industrial design. The result is a surrealist whimsy with a high attention to detail.

I hope you enjoy my portfolio of fine art.