ARTicles Introduction

trip A 0.0

Welcome to the Future Drawn blog!  Thanks for joining us!

As we share our experiences, projects and inspirations we hope you participate by adding comments, thoughts and insights as well.  

At Future Drawn, we are focused on bringing our individual talents together in order to connect people to an intuitive truth about our collective experience.  We are interested in how art, in any form, can enhance our lives.

We believe that viewing the world through a lens that filters commonality and adds beauty can transform you.  We also believe the transformation extends throughout your personal and work lives.

So in keeping with the spirit of seeing the world with eye towards finding the art, we have embarked upon a “leaf tour” from the Finger Lakes to the Smoky Mountains.  We will be sharing our trip with photos, thoughts and musings.

We begin with the trip A odometer set 0.0.

Stay tuned...