Etch A Sketch

Etch A Sketch One Line.JPG

We have all played with an Etch A Sketch and tried to make a picture.  The painting above shows what is possible when you reduce our three dimensional world to a single line. With an Etch A Sketch you can cross, double back and re-trace lines you have already created.  The challenge is to make what seems impossible possible; create an image from a single line without crossing, doubling back or re-tracing any lines.

This is the beauty of Jonathan's ability to see our complex world as a single continuous line.  As you follow the line from START to END, you discover a hidden joy.  The purpose of art is to make people feel.  When you find art that gives you joy as you re-trace a simple line it is truly unforgetable.

The piece above was commissioned by the homeowner to depict his house as a oneLINE inside an Etch A Sketch.  The result is a demonstration of Jonathan's talent with both watercolor and ink.  We hope the piece above adds a new twist to old adage  "the Joy of home ownership".