Tractor Art

Farm Art.JPG

As a spectator at the Carolina Tough Mudder you do not expect to see forms that could easily be modern art.  We were in Charlotte, NC to cheer along a lifelong friend who was participating in his first Tough Mudder, and "yes" it is muddy!

For those who do not know, a Tough Mudder is a 10 mile cross country course that adds 20 obstacles designed to challenge the mind and body.  It is an understatement to describe the challenges as messy. There are huge hay bails to climb, multiple walls to scale, ice baths, electric shock tanks, and multiple mud pits that cover participants in bright orange Carolina mud.  Each participant looked as if they were having the time of their life while diving into mud, helping each other over the slippery walls and meeting every mind bending challenge.  It was really fun to watch!

While we walked through the course we came upon this twisted heap of scrap that had been pulled, piled and forgotten.  This form stuck out as a hundred people ran towards the next obstacle testing their resolve.  The contrast between the interior galvanized steel and the rusted exterior of the pipe seemed intentional.  Nature perfected the aging process.  This heap of scrap metal was isolated in a field, and it felt as if the scene could be picked up and moved to a sculpture garden or museum.

There is art all around us, but you have to be open to see it.  That is the point of an artful life.