Childhood Memories in oneLINE

One-Line in progress.JPG

We were recently commissioned to create a oneLINE drawing of our client's childhood home in Iowa.  Her parents are making the move to downsize, and that means the family will now gather in a new place with memories of the old place.  She wanted a unique way to remember the house that grew up in.

If you have ever gone through the transition of your parents moving out of the home you grew up in, you know it is weird.  At first you miss the old house, but in the end you realize it is the people that make a home.  New memories are created, and it feels right in the end.  

From START to END the piece featured the details that make a house a home.  The siding, shutters, and roof line provided a fun opportunity to try to loose the viewer in the parallel lines.  The fun is in the creation as you can see above.