Art You Can Feel

de Steeg decal finished.JPG

A recent project presented a new challenge for our creativity, and we happily accepted.  As a personal closing gift from a realtor, we were commissioned to draw a oneLINE of de Steeg Brewery to congratulate the new owners.  The challenge was that one of the new owners of the brewery is blind.  The challenge was to figure out how to  create oneLINE art for those who cannot see?

Coming up with the best solution required us to consider a litany of options.  In total, it took about a week of brainstorming.  One of the key requirements was to create an experience where you could appreciate the art through touch.  We explored laser cutting metal, acid etched glass and engraved wood.  These options were all expensive and time prohibitive.  

In the end we partnered with Post Net Denver to cut a vinyl decal of the oneLINE and then mounted it onto glass.  It was cost and time effective.  The final result is art that you are meant to touch.  Displayed in the brewery for all to appreciate especially the blind.  Perfect!