The Leaf Tour Part Two

Smoky Mountains.png

One of the purposes of the trip was to let our creative sides work with the colors of nature in the autumn.  We were able to see such beautiful examples of what the Smoky Mountains look like when they peak, and in our case this year we were about a week ahead of peak color.  As we drove higher in elevation we saw bands of color where the nights had gotten cool enough to trigger the change, but in general it was still too warm when we had timed our trip.

We are both grateful we backtracked about 75 miles to drive through Smoky Mountain National Park.  These are the second oldest mountains in the world, and they are listed as a World Heritage Site.  There is spectacular beauty in these mountains, and they have been home to many people through the years.  They are now preserved to remind us of the natural beauty around us and why we should consider the land in our daily decisions.

In the spring these mountains display so many colors of green you never even knew existed.  It is so jaw-droopingly beautiful.  It is also surrounded by some of the poorest people in our country who have been forgotten and who are defeated.  Both of these situations are unnecessary.  Where is the break?  Where is the empathy?  Where is the dignity?  Where is the education?