The Leaf Tour Part One

Rochester NY.JPG

We realized that we needed to fill in a few more gaps and get back to the focus of the trip...."Leaf Tour 2017".

There is an unique quality to light in the autumn.  The skies seems a little bluer, and there is a goldenness to the light. During our recent "leaf tour" we noticed how the light surrounding the Great Lakes seems to add brilliance to the leaves.  This year the colors were not as bright as I have seen, but the trees that were changing were striking against the predominately green background.

The season seems to be delayed by warm weather.  The day we took this photo it was almost 80 degrees Fahrenheit in Rochester, NY.  We saw Magnolia trees with one inch buds developing in Highland Park, which is not normal for mid-October.  

All along the Great Lakes the trees looked as if they were either in full summer foliage or the leaves had already blown off the limbs.  It seems the series of strong storms that wreaked havoc upon the Gulf Coast also blew the leaves right off the trees by the time the storms made their way up.