A Quick Recap

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We arrived home after a phenomenal "Leaf Tour" of the Eastern United States.  5530.1 miles of discovering this great nation and learning more about its history, land and cultures.  Best way to learn about a culture is to eat some bbq...Shout Out to Lannie's BBQ Spot in Selma, Alabama! Amazing vinegar based sauce!!  Wonderful staff and clientele.  They made us feel truly welcome and like family.  Second Shout Out to Angelo's BBQ in Ft. Worth, Texas!  Still rocking the Mesquite smoked meats! The decor is as it should - minimal so you can focus on the tender brisket and pork ribs.  Dry rubbed and smoked to perfection.

We hope you have enjoyed seeing a little of our process through our blog.  The campsite drawing in NYC we posted earlier was great proving ground for an upcoming mural, and the water color still-life was warm-up for the next phase in the Botanicals Series.  More to come on both of those projects in the coming days/weeks.