Seeing Art Through Touch

We were asked to complete a One-Line drawing of the brewery to celebrate the new owners.  This project is very special because Tom, one of the owners, is blind.  Please enjoy this 90 second video of the full project from time-lapse of drawing to Tom seeing the art for the first time.

It was a privilege to watch the discovery of the art as Tom felt the art.  He followed the line from START, and he used a sweeping motion to survey entire sections at one time.  During the exploration of the art, you could see his face light up with a bright smile. 

The fun is in following the line from START to END - through sight or through touch. The art can be viewed at de Steeg Brewery at 4342 Tennyson Street.  The entrance is in the alley, and it is one of the best little breweries in Denver! 

Childhood Memories in One-Line

One-Line in progress.JPG

We were recently commissioned to create a One-Line drawing of our client's childhood home in Iowa.  Her parents are making the move to downsize, and that means the family will now gather in a new place with memories of the old place.  She wanted a unique way to remember the house that grew up in.

If you have ever gone through the transition of your parents moving out of the home you grew up in, you know it is weird.  At first you miss the old house, but in the end you realize it is the people that make a home.  New memories are created, and it feels right in the end.  

From START to END the piece featured the details that make a house a home.  The siding, shutters, and roof line provided a fun opportunity to try to loose the viewer in the parallel lines.  The fun is in the creation as you can see above. 

Art You Can Feel

de Steeg decal finished.JPG

A recent project presented a new challenge for our creativity, and we happily accepted.  As a personal closing gift from a realtor, we were commissioned to draw a One-Line of de Steeg Brewery to congratulate the new owners.  The challenge was that one of the new owners of the brewery is blind.  The challenge was to figure out how to  create One-Line art for those who cannot see?

Coming up with the best solution required us to consider a litany of options.  In total, it took about a week of brainstorming.  One of the key requirements was to create an experience where you could appreciate the art through touch.  We explored laser cutting metal, acid etched glass and engraved wood.  These options were all expensive and time prohibitive.  

In the end we partnered with Post Net Denver to cut a vinyl decal of the One-Line and then mounted it onto glass.  It was cost and time effective.  The final result is art that you are meant to touch.  Displayed in the brewery for all to appreciate especially the blind.  Perfect!

Happy Cyber Monday

Collage of 1 lines.jpg

Happy Cyber Monday!  Today is the day that Christmas shoppers flock to the internet for great deals.  So we wanted to participate in this shopping celebration by telling you about a great gift idea for the Holidays.

You may have seen that we have added commerce to our site.  What you may not have seen is that we have added three new One-Line prints for purchase.  In total we now have 10 images to choose from; Denver from 17th Ave, Denver from Civic Center Park, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Kansas City, Minneapolis, El Capitan in Yosemite, Wild Mountain Daisies, and The Eiffel Tower.

One-Line prints make a great gift for several reasons.  First, they are fun to follow from START to END.  Second, the viewer can see how a two dimensional line can transform into a 3D image as the mind fills in the gaps.  Third, they are neutral black and white images matted in black 11" X 14" size for easy framing.  Finally, an 8.5" X 11" One-Line print is signed, serialized and matted for only $30!  Unique gift, intelligent art, and a great price! Shop at


Time-lapse VIDEO of a One-Line

As promised we are now ready to reveal the One-Line Jonathan recently completed.  Here you can watch as the line traverses the page and becomes a building, patio and lights of de Steeg Brewery in Denver.  The two dimensional line creates a full 3D image of the brewery and patio.


Meet the Artist at Shop Small Saturday

Shop Small Mas Kaos Blog Post.jpg

We have decided to participate in the National Shop Small on Saturday November 25th.  Unfortunately we don't have a storefront, but we have great neighbors and partners at Mas Kaos located at 4526 Tennyson Street in Denver.  You can get your Shop Small Passport Stamped and meet artist Jonathan Applegate near the front of the restaurant this coming Saturday.

We will have 10 limited series prints available for purchase at $30 each.  These pieces are a great gift for almost everyone.  Each hand drawn image is a single continuous line that you can follow from START to END. The prints are signed, serialized, and matted to fit 11" X 14" frame.   You will find joy in each piece as you discover that a simple two dimensional line can create a 3D image in your mind.

We will be near the front entrance of Mas Kaos from 11:00am to 10:00pm Saturday November 25th.  We are offering 10% to 15% off art gifts for the Holidays.  Stop by for eats, drinks and gifts this coming Saturday at Mas Kaos.  We hope to see you there!


Etch A Sketch

Etch A Sketch One Line.JPG

We have all played with an Etch A Sketch and tried to make a picture.  The painting above shows what is possible when you reduce our three dimensional world to a single line. With an Etch A Sketch you can cross, double back and re-trace lines you have already created.  The challenge is to make what seems impossible possible; create an image from a single line without crossing, doubling back or re-tracing any lines.

This is the beauty of Jonathan's ability to see our complex world as a single continuous line.  As you follow the line from START to END, you discover a hidden joy.  The purpose of art is to make people feel.  When you find art that gives you joy as you re-trace a simple line it is truly unforgetable.

The piece above was commissioned by the homeowner to depict his house as a One-Line inside an Etch A Sketch.  The result is a demonstration of Jonathan's talent with both watercolor and ink.  We hope the piece above adds a new twist to old adage  "the Joy of home ownership".


The START of a One-Line

Beginning a One-Line.JPG

We just completed a big One-Line project, and it has not yet been delivered to its owner.  We cannot show too much in this post, but we can show you the START of a piece that is very special.

Over the next couple days we will show you many aspects of the completed project.  You will quickly begin to see that each of Jonathan's One-Line pieces is a continuous discovery for the viewer.   These clearly two dimensional lines are transformed in the mind of the viewer to create a full 3D image.  It is a pleasure to follow the line from START to END.

You can explore current examples of Jonathan's One-Line art in our Fine Art Gallery by pressing the button below.  

The Beauty Found at Home

Denver Pin Oak in Autumn.JPG

In the end, our timing was perfect because we didn't miss the spectacular color of the Pin Oak in our front yard.  It was perfect ending to The Leaf Tour. 

15 loads of laundry later we were ready to get started on several projects that we will be revealing soon.  First order of business is to get our commerce page set up on our website.

Please let us know your thoughts.  Have you gone on such a trip?  If yes, where did you go?  


The Leaf Tour Part Two

Smoky Mountains.png

One of the purposes of the trip was to let our creative sides work with the colors of nature in the autumn.  We were able to see such beautiful examples of what the Smoky Mountains look like when they peak, and in our case this year we were about a week ahead of peak color.  As we drove higher in elevation we saw bands of color where the nights had gotten cool enough to trigger the change, but in general it was still too warm when we had timed our trip.

We are both grateful we backtracked about 75 miles to drive through Smoky Mountain National Park.  These are the second oldest mountains in the world, and they are listed as a World Heritage Site.  There is spectacular beauty in these mountains, and they have been home to many people through the years.  They are now preserved to remind us of the natural beauty around us and why we should consider the land in our daily decisions.

In the spring these mountains display so many colors of green you never even knew existed.  It is so jaw-droopingly beautiful.  It is also surrounded by some of the poorest people in our country who have been forgotten and who are defeated.  Both of these situations are unnecessary.  Where is the break?  Where is the empathy?  Where is the dignity?  Where is the education?

The Leaf Tour Part One

Rochester NY.JPG

We realized that we needed to fill in a few more gaps and get back to the focus of the trip...."Leaf Tour 2017".

There is an unique quality to light in the autumn.  The skies seems a little bluer, and there is a goldenness to the light. During our recent "leaf tour" we noticed how the light surrounding the Great Lakes seems to add brilliance to the leaves.  This year the colors were not as bright as I have seen, but the trees that were changing were striking against the predominately green background.

The season seems to be delayed by warm weather.  The day we took this photo it was almost 80 degrees Fahrenheit in Rochester, NY.  We saw Magnolia trees with one inch buds developing in Highland Park, which is not normal for mid-October.  

All along the Great Lakes the trees looked as if they were either in full summer foliage or the leaves had already blown off the limbs.  It seems the series of strong storms that wreaked havoc upon the Gulf Coast also blew the leaves right off the trees by the time the storms made their way up.

A Quick Recap

The Mileage.JPG
The Route.JPG

We arrived home after a phenomenal "Leaf Tour" of the Eastern United States.  5530.1 miles of discovering this great nation and learning more about its history, land and cultures.  Best way to learn about a culture is to eat some bbq...Shout Out to Lannie's BBQ Spot in Selma, Alabama! Amazing vinegar based sauce!!  Wonderful staff and clientele.  They made us feel truly welcome and like family.  Second Shout Out to Angelo's BBQ in Ft. Worth, Texas!  Still rocking the Mesquite smoked meats! The decor is as it should - minimal so you can focus on the tender brisket and pork ribs.  Dry rubbed and smoked to perfection.

We hope you have enjoyed seeing a little of our process through our blog.  The campsite drawing in NYC we posted earlier was great proving ground for an upcoming mural, and the water color still-life was warm-up for the next phase in the Botanicals Series.  More to come on both of those projects in the coming days/weeks.

Tiny House Jamboree

Tiny House Jamboree.JPG

We finally made it to our last stop - The National Tiny House & Simple Living Jamboree.  It was worth the extra few days and miles to make it to Arlington, TX so we could learn about Tiny House living.  Our goal is to have a Tiny House Studio so we can further incorporate our experiences into our art when we travel.

We learned about framing, layouts, towing and composting toilets.  We toured over 30 homes, and got a good feel for the feasibility of tiny living.  It was great to be able to be in a variety of homes to understand the trade-offs.  It seems best to invest in well appointed kitchen and bath, but sleeping quarters can be kept to a basic minimum.  

More and more people seem to be coming to the same conclusion - bigger isn't necessarily better.  Maybe the American Dream isn't in the size of the home, but in the freedom owning your own home can provide. Why live under a $300,000 mortgage when $45,000 will provide all you need? Let us know what you think? 


Still Life


This scene simply depicts a dining buffet within the home of our friends.  No set up, no planning, and that is the challenge.  An artist is responsible to the viewer to capture what cannot be experienced in person.  Art brings to the forefront that inspiration.  

In this case, the inspiration came in the form of familiar comfort.  Spending time with dear friends, recounting stories, and a desire to create a record of time well spent.     

Art is practiced. Watch for more scenes that take you into our experiences. 

Tractor Art

Farm Art.JPG

As a spectator at the Carolina Tough Mudder you do not expect to see forms that could easily be modern art.  We were in Charlotte, NC to cheer along a lifelong friend who was participating in his first Tough Mudder, and "yes" it is muddy!

For those who do not know, a Tough Mudder is a 10 mile cross country course that adds 20 obstacles designed to challenge the mind and body.  It is an understatement to describe the challenges as messy. There are huge hay bails to climb, multiple walls to scale, ice baths, electric shock tanks, and multiple mud pits that cover participants in bright orange Carolina mud.  Each participant looked as if they were having the time of their life while diving into mud, helping each other over the slippery walls and meeting every mind bending challenge.  It was really fun to watch!

While we walked through the course we came upon this twisted heap of scrap that had been pulled, piled and forgotten.  This form stuck out as a hundred people ran towards the next obstacle testing their resolve.  The contrast between the interior galvanized steel and the rusted exterior of the pipe seemed intentional.  Nature perfected the aging process.  This heap of scrap metal was isolated in a field, and it felt as if the scene could be picked up and moved to a sculpture garden or museum.

There is art all around us, but you have to be open to see it.  That is the point of an artful life.

Art for the People

Silver Tree.JPG

We are not sure if everybody is aware that the National Art and Smithsonian Museums in DC are free to the people.  We maximized this information as we toured the Hirschhorn Museum of Modern Art, both the East and West Buildings of the National Gallery of Art, as well as the outdoor Sculpture Garden.

The Sculpture Garden is full of large scale sculptures that makes you smile.  It is whimsical and beautiful. The most impressive one was a tree formed out of reflective steel.  Art replicating nature with a twist.

In DC you can find art in the most interesting places.  We spent most of our time in the Air and Space Museum within the section dedicated to soldier artists.  Soldier artists captured the landscape and familiarity of civilians within the cities besieged by war.  These soldiers translated the emotional experiences of war time, and its horrors.  Our history is captured through their talent and dedication to art.

Urban Camping

NYC camping.jpg

Let’s be honest...when urban camping the last thing to expect is getting a little bit closer to nature.  However, we discovered a little known secret after reading an article in the New York Times that informed us there were a total of 174 campsites within the National Park system in the NYC area! Being from Colorado and avid campers, we had to check it out. For $30/night we had a great spot, clean bathrooms, and friendly staff.  Well worth the money as long as you bring your ear-plugs!

The campsite is situated on the water’s edge in Brooklyn near Canarsie and Jamaica Bay. It is also located about 5 miles west of JFK and about 10 miles south of LGA.  The planes seem to run all night long. It can be windy since there is little protection once you are outside of the trees sheltering the campsite and standing on the runway.

There are many types of camping.  Prairie camping allows you to put yourself in the place of the settlers crossing this great nation.  Mountain and forest camping offer a chance to escape the entrapments of modern life.  City camping is a whole different animal.  It is never dark, it is never quiet.  

We slept great (thanks, earplugs), groceries are super close, and you can visit the city with a quick transit ride.  In fact, we loved it so much we decided to camp near DC as well.  Heck, the campsite was cheaper than parking anywhere else within the region.  The National Park system is awesome!

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Today our adventure continued with a trip from Manhattan to Brooklyn via the Brooklyn Bridge.  The bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the United States and one of its most recognizable.  Built over a span of 14 years, the bridge was completed in 1883. The construction is a hybrid design using both suspension and cable technologies, and it is the intricate cable work that makes the bridge look like an organized web of precision and planning.

When you look under the bridge, you can see the suspension supports as they weave in and out of view.  The iron trusses are a great example of engineering and art for the time.  The Neo-gothic design emphasizes the large bolts, and cross structures.  It looks as if it will stand forever.

We will be camping for two nights at the National Park Campground located within the Gateway Recreational Area at Floyd Bennett Field. Yes, the campsite is just off runway 24!  Weird!  We will let you know how it goes.....


What is art?

foot and hooves split

If you ever have a chance to visit Rochester, NY it is worth the money ($15 for adult) to view some of the very best photography in the world at the George Eastman Museum.  There is also a vast camera collection where you can view virtually every model of camera ever conceived by man.  Artistry can be seen in both the craftsmanship and design.  Everything from spy to art deco cameras from the 30's is on display.

However, one of the most striking things about the museum is touring the former home of George Eastman, founder of Kodak.  Like most houses of the time, the goal seemed to be a full fledged display of wealth.  It is also apparent people believed nature had no limit to what it could provide to man.  It seemed that it was acceptable to use animals for everything. George Eastman went on several safaris and he created ordinary items from parts of the animals he shot. 129 years have passed, and now we ask, "Is that art?"

Is making an ashtray out of a bovid's hoof or elephant's foot art?  Is there beauty in creating function out of an animal who was shot for sport? 

Let us know what you think?