Urban Camping

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Let’s be honest...when urban camping the last thing to expect is getting a little bit closer to nature.  However, we discovered a little known secret after reading an article in the New York Times that informed us there were a total of 174 campsites within the National Park system in the NYC area! Being from Colorado and avid campers, we had to check it out. For $30/night we had a great spot, clean bathrooms, and friendly staff.  Well worth the money as long as you bring your ear-plugs!

The campsite is situated on the water’s edge in Brooklyn near Canarsie and Jamaica Bay. It is also located about 5 miles west of JFK and about 10 miles south of LGA.  The planes seem to run all night long. It can be windy since there is little protection once you are outside of the trees sheltering the campsite and standing on the runway.

There are many types of camping.  Prairie camping allows you to put yourself in the place of the settlers crossing this great nation.  Mountain and forest camping offer a chance to escape the entrapments of modern life.  City camping is a whole different animal.  It is never dark, it is never quiet.  

We slept great (thanks, earplugs), groceries are super close, and you can visit the city with a quick transit ride.  In fact, we loved it so much we decided to camp near DC as well.  Heck, the campsite was cheaper than parking anywhere else within the region.  The National Park system is awesome!

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Today our adventure continued with a trip from Manhattan to Brooklyn via the Brooklyn Bridge.  The bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the United States and one of its most recognizable.  Built over a span of 14 years, the bridge was completed in 1883. The construction is a hybrid design using both suspension and cable technologies, and it is the intricate cable work that makes the bridge look like an organized web of precision and planning.

When you look under the bridge, you can see the suspension supports as they weave in and out of view.  The iron trusses are a great example of engineering and art for the time.  The Neo-gothic design emphasizes the large bolts, and cross structures.  It looks as if it will stand forever.

We will be camping for two nights at the National Park Campground located within the Gateway Recreational Area at Floyd Bennett Field. Yes, the campsite is just off runway 24!  Weird!  We will let you know how it goes.....


What is art?

foot and hooves split

If you ever have a chance to visit Rochester, NY it is worth the money ($15 for adult) to view some of the very best photography in the world at the George Eastman Museum.  There is also a vast camera collection where you can view virtually every model of camera ever conceived by man.  Artistry can be seen in both the craftsmanship and design.  Everything from spy to art deco cameras from the 30's is on display.

However, one of the most striking things about the museum is touring the former home of George Eastman, founder of Kodak.  Like most houses of the time, the goal seemed to be a full fledged display of wealth.  It is also apparent people believed nature had no limit to what it could provide to man.  It seemed that it was acceptable to use animals for everything. George Eastman went on several safaris and he created ordinary items from parts of the animals he shot. 129 years have passed, and now we ask, "Is that art?"

Is making an ashtray out of a bovid's hoof or elephant's foot art?  Is there beauty in creating function out of an animal who was shot for sport? 

Let us know what you think?

From the Canadian Side

Today we listened to the thunder of nature as an average water flow of 85,000 cu ft/s travels over a 13 story cliff.  90% of the water that flows over Niagara Falls is on the Canadian side, which is why we brought our passports.  While you watch, you become mesmerized by the experience.  

The flow can be described as water and veil.  Droplets of water become atomized into what looks like a delicate veil descending onto unknown rocks hidden under a cloud of mist. There is contrast between the droplets of white and the deep green water moving from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.

Water is a force, and that force has a duality.  It is a life blood for all living things, and is also one of the most destructive forces on our planet. You can easily sense the strength, energy and power when in the presence of such a marvelous feature.

The Long Haul

Dashboard drawing

Today we spent 14.5 hours in the car traversing from Des Moines to Niagara Falls Ontario.  Please note if you are going to Niagara Falls....bring your passport!  The view from the Canadian side is really quite spectacular!  More about that tomorrow.

During the drive we were able to put into practice the intent of our blog, which is to explore how art changes the human experience.  The discussions evolved and the sketchbook was utilized. One of the most striking things about the monotony of driving is that your mind is free to observe the visual beauty around you.

We crossed the eastern section of Iowa and appreciated the rolling hills and terraced land.  We then skirted along northern Illinois, and it is always striking how low the clouds seem to be when they are over a large body of water like the Great Lakes.  Indiana and Michigan had a very similar feel as the day was grey and cloudy.  As we drove into the darkness, our minds became singularly focused on the rewards of a long haul... the creature comforts of a shower and a soft bed.

ARTicles Introduction

trip A 0.0

Welcome to the Future Drawn blog!  Thanks for joining us!

As we share our experiences, projects and inspirations we hope you participate by adding comments, thoughts and insights as well.  

At Future Drawn, we are focused on bringing our individual talents together in order to connect people to an intuitive truth about our collective experience.  We are interested in how art, in any form, can enhance our lives.

We believe that viewing the world through a lens that filters commonality and adds beauty can transform you.  We also believe the transformation extends throughout your personal and work lives.

So in keeping with the spirit of seeing the world with eye towards finding the art, we have embarked upon a “leaf tour” from the Finger Lakes to the Smoky Mountains.  We will be sharing our trip with photos, thoughts and musings.

We begin with the trip A odometer set 0.0.

Stay tuned...